Digital application that supports the reading
learning process of children with Down syndrome

Nowadays new apps for children appear on the digital market every day. The end devices are increasingly being integrated not only into our everyday lives, but also into the learning process. Around 50,000 people with Down syndrome live in Germany, people who have the same needs as others, people who want to have access to the innovations of the modern world and want to enjoy them.

With Elli you can learn to read easily and excitingly. Elli – your personal support in the reading-learning process.

Around 50,000 people with Down syndrome live in Germany

Ability to reading is the key to all areas of our life

Media literacy plays an important role in modern society

In order to learn to read quickly and efficiently, the Elli app contains four main levels of learning that help to master words, letters and their sounds as well as their graphic symbols: learning words, the alphabet, listening and understanding, writing.

Learning words
In this module the child first plays with the whole word – the word is not divided into syllables.
At this stage, the child should learn the graphic symbol and the sound of the letter.
Listening and understanding
The module was developed on the basis of understanding the word by ear.
Here the child is supposed to recall the knowledge gained from memory.
The child has to form the word from the learned letters.

Who can benefit from the Elli App?

Elli can be used by all children, but it is especially adapted for kids with Down syndrome. The application has a parent module where family members can create a learning set alone or together with their child. Teachers have the option of creating a learning set for the whole group and working on this set together with the children, making the learning process even easier and seeing each child’s progress.

Children with and without intellectual disabilities

Family members



The project originally started as Alex’s Master’s thesis. During that time, she worked closely with parents of children with Down syndrome, listening to their needs and challenges. Several experts were also consulted to ensure that the app not only has an appealing design but also the required expertise. Since then, we have won several competitions and built a dedicated team that works with great passion on the further development of the app.

Our vision for the Elli-App is ambitious, and our approach is similar to that of a startup. We are constantly striving to further develop the app and provide innovative solutions for our users. Together, we are committed to improving the learning process for children with Down syndrome and working enthusiastically towards realizing our vision.

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